5 Signs your Hair is DEHYDRATED

Did you know that there is a difference between hydration and moisture?

I didn't.

Your hair needs both protein and moisture regularly. Protein helps build strong hair. Moisture helps seal water into the hair.

BUT HYDRATION --- is giving a drink of water to your hair if it's parched. And sometimes its the missing piece to the hair transformation puzzle.

5 Signs your Hair May Need Hydration

  1. It doesn't hold a style for long.
  2. It's dull and not shiny.
  3. Curls may be limp or lifeless.
  4. Your hair feels dry by day 2.
  5. You have an oily scalp.

So what do you do? Using products that infuse water INTO your hair is critical. Especially in the winter, lack of hydration in hair and skin is really normal.

Deep Conditioning Weekly is a must for healthy hair long term, but especially with hydration if you identify any of the signs above.

Keep winter hair hydrated, friend! It's tough out there!

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