Our Story

Hey! I am Michelle Rundio: entrepreneur, owner and beauty fanatic behind 5 birds. And I used to have bad hair.

Along with transforming my own hair since 2017, I've worked in the beauty business and grown to love my side job: helping people transform their confidence -- along with their hair and skin.

Beauty is more than how you look.

It's how you carry yourself...and how you show up POWERFULLY in the world.

In 2022, I felt the calling to deepen how I serve my 100+ haircare customers and 5 birds beauty was born.

Named for my FIVE kids, 5 Birds Beauty merges so many things that I love: beauty, confidence, consistency, and my children.

In fact, if you order from us, chances are your bag was packed by a little baby bird learning about entrepreneurship and hard work.

It's a labor of love and a dream for the past several years to get back into the retail space. (We owned a clothing shop from 2017-2020).

I believe wholeheartedly that small business changes the world...and in the power of creating your own possibilities.

This business is built on partnership with other beauty hustlers and influencers -- because success is best shared. We all have the privilege of supporting each other, and DANG I am a lucky woman for having a network of confident, gorgeous haired chicks in mine.

If you are a side hustler or small business owner, let's connect on Instagram, Tik Tok or on my podcast, Hustle and Climb.

Cheers to your beauty or business journey and thanks for being here. I am truly grateful.

xo, Michelle