All about BRUSHES

It's the official launch of 5 birds beauty this week!! And in honor of the launch, we're educating you on brushes.

There are many types of brushes...and honestly it can get complicated.

Wide bristle, hybrid bristle, plastic bristle, paddle, round. Brushes are a LOT.

Here is a quick brush cheat sheet from all of the research we've done!


  1. Paddle brush: Paddle brushes are wide and flat, with bristles set in a cushioned base. They are great for detangling, smoothing, and straightening long and medium-length hair.
  2. Round brush: Round brushes have bristles set in a circular pattern and are used for blow-drying hair. They come in various sizes and can be used to add volume, curl, or straighten hair. If you can't figure them out, grab a blowout brush.
  3. Vent brush: Vent brushes have wide-spaced bristles and are used for blow-drying hair quickly. They are also great for detangling and adding volume to hair.
  4. Denman brush: Denman brushes have rows of nylon bristles that are close together, making them perfect for detangling curly and kinky hair. If you are a curly's a must for product distribution.​
  5. Boar bristle brush: Boar bristle brushes have natural bristles that are gentle on the scalp and help distribute natural oils throughout the hair, resulting in healthier, shinier locks and nourished ends.
  6. Teasing brush: Teasing brushes are designed to create volume and texture in hair. They have rows of bristles that are set close together and are used for backcombing and teasing hair.
  7. Wet brush: Wet brushes have flexible bristles that are designed to detangle wet hair without causing damage or breakage.

Know your brushes, boo!

For our collection at 5 birds we sourced a hydrid boar bristle PADDLE brush so that you get the benefits of a wet/detangling brush, boar bristles, and a paddle. Check it out HERE in our launch collection.

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