Hair Shedding 101

Have you ever had the experience of your hair excessively shedding?  Hair coming out in clumps?  Certain that you will be bald? 

Let's talk hair science and hair shedding.

There are 3 phases of growth to your hair:

  • Anagen: Your hair is growing.  The majority of your hairs are in growth cycle, and will be for years.
  • Catagen - the hair follicle and the hair itself begin to transition out of growth cycle and into shedding cycle.
  • Telogen - the shedding phase of your hair. This phase usually takes about 100 days to complete.  Usually about 10% of your hair is in this phase at any given time.

It's possible that when you have excessive shedding, many of your hair follicles entered the telogen phase of hair growth at the same time.

So how does that happen? Stress, Surgery, Illness, Hormonal changes, Dietary issues.

It can look like:

  • your part widening
  • excessive hair shedding in the shower
  • overall your hair looks thinner
  • a sad, tiny ponytail

The good news?  Your hair will grow back.

How can you help the process?  Be kind to your hair follicles and remember that your hair generally grows about 6 inches in a be patient!

Focus on:

  • circulation and scalp stimulation
  • diet & exercise
  • scalp nourishment or oiling
  • Gentle hair care habits
  • manage your stress

It's also really important to look backwards and identify what your triggers my have been.   Shedding happens 90-100 days prior to the trigger.  What happened 2-3 months ago? 

Get Growing!


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