I'll bet you are making ONE of these MISTAKES

Did you know that you may be using your shampoo or conditioner wrong? A few tips, tricks, and truth bombs you might need to know that I've collected for you!

Shampoo No Nos

  • Shampooing once: the first wash is like sweeping the floor...and THEN you mop it. It is necessary to wash twice in order to effectively clean your scalp and remove excess oil. If you are noticing you are greasy...make sure that you are washing TWICE and not rushing through the wash process.
  • Shampooing your ends: yup. it's actually going to dry them out. You do NOT need to get suds down the length of your hair. In fact, avoid it. It's enough cleansing to just have the suds drip down on their own.
  • Forgetting to emulsify. You have to scrub the GUTS out of your shampoo before you add it to your hair. Get it real thick and white on your hands. Rub really vigorously! And when you think it's enough...keep going! This is how plant based ingredients are activated. Never apply shampoo directly to the scalp. That's over drying.
  • Using too much: you only need the size of a quarter or so. Using too much will strip hair of oils.
  • Not rinsing thoroughly. This will keep hair oilier. If you are shampooing -- make sure hair is rinsing CLEAR.

Conditioner Boo Boos

  • Forgetting to wring water OUT of the hair before applying conditioner. Conditioner is meant to penetrate the hair. If hair is really wet -- you will dilute the conditioner enough that its effects won't be noticed.
  • Conditioning roots: This will lead to over oiliness and greasiness...not to mention clogged follicles. Keep it to the bottom half of your hair strand -- the length -- to get results.
  • Leaving it in for TOO long: while it may seem like leaving conditioner in for longer will provide more hydration, it can actually have the opposite effect. Overly hydrated hair can become weak and prone to breakage. 2 minutes max!!!
  • Rinsing out conditioner with hot water: Just like with shampoo, rinsing out conditioner with hot water can strip the hair of its natural oils. Rinse hair with cool water to lock in the good stuff. This closes the hair cuticle.
  • Not using enough conditioner: Similar to using too much shampoo, not using enough conditioner can also be a problem. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, you may need a generous amount of conditioner to fully coat and hydrate your strands...pay attention to how your hair responds to conditioner and increase or decrease the amount.

Which mistake are you making?  Now you know!

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