POOL HAIR, do care

Summer is here and that means it's time to hit the pool!

But before you dive in, did you know that pool water can wreak havoc on your hair? I am dropping you some quick and easy tips to keep your hair healthy and fabulous, even after a swim. 

Let's dive in  (bahahaha)

1. Get Your Hair Wet:
Before taking the plunge, give your hair a good soak with fresh water. Wetting your hair beforehand helps minimize the absorption of chlorinated water, acting as a protective shield against damage.  Pro tip: carry a spray bottle with you in your pool bag.

2. Use a Protective Product like a leave in.
Give your hair some love by applying a leave-in conditioner or hair oil before diving in. These products create a barrier between your hair and the chemicals in the pool --  reducing damage and dryness.

3. Rinse, Rinse, Rinse:
Once you're done at the pool, rinse your hair with fresh water immediately. This helps wash away any lingering pool water, chlorine, or chemicals. Give your scalp a little massage and run your fingers through your hair to ensure a thorough rinse.  Remember hair is FRAGILE when it's wet.  Be gentle!

4. Clarify with Care:
Use a clarifying shampoo to wash away any chlorine residue or impurities from your hair. ACV is a great natural clarifier. Follow up with a moisturizing conditioner to give your locks some extra TLC.

5. Treat with Deep Conditioning masks once a week.
In the pool or not...you need to pamper your hair with regular deep conditioning treatments to restore moisture and repair any heat or chlorine-induced damage. Look for products with shea butter, argan oil, or coconut oil to give your tresses the hydration they crave. Moisture masks help keep water IN the hair.  Protein masks help strengthen hair.

6. Chill on the Heat:
Give your hair a break from the heat! Minimize your use of blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons. Excessive heat, combined with chlorine exposure, can leave your hair feeling like a crispy french fry. Embrace your natural hair or try heatless styling options for a while.

Hair Habits + Great Products get results. Be safe out there!

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