So you want hair growth?

I get want longer hair.

I do too.

I went to my hairdresser and she wanted to trim. I told her NOOOOOOO.  I like the length!

But here is the deal -- healthy ends play a crucial role in promoting longer hair because they prevent breakage and allow your hair to retain its length over time.

When your hair ends are healthy, they are less prone to splitting, fraying, or breaking off. This means that your hair can continue growing without significant damage or loss.

On the other hand, if your ends are damaged, split, or prone to breakage, the length of your hair will appear shorter as those damaged ends break off. This can create the illusion that your hair is not growing, when in reality, it's the result of ongoing breakage and damage.

By maintaining healthy ends through regular trims and proper hair care, you provide a strong foundation for your hair to grow longer and maintain its length.

Healthy ends ensure that the length you gain through growth remains intact, allowing you to achieve and maintain longer hair over time. Don't skip the trim, friend.

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