Things you probably DON'T know about DRY SHAMPOO

Dry shampoo has become all the rage in this culture of "wash less" and "save time."

But / And here are some interesting facts about dry shampoo that you may not have known:

  1. Dry shampoo was actually first used in the 18th century: While it may seem like a modern invention, dry shampoo has actually been around for centuries. People used to sprinkle powder, such as cornstarch or talcum powder, on their hair to absorb excess oil and dirt. Smart....and effective.
  2. Dry shampoo is not a replacement for traditional shampoo: While dry shampoo can be a convenient option for extending the life of your hair between washes, it is not a replacement for traditional shampoo. Traditional shampoo is still needed to properly clean your scalp and hair. It's not actually CLEANING anything.
  3. Overuse of dry shampoo can lead to scalp problems: While dry shampoo can be a convenient option, using it too frequently can lead to scalp problems such as itching, dandruff, and even hair loss. It's important to use dry shampoo in moderation and to make sure you're properly washing your hair with traditional shampoo as needed.
  4. Dry shampoo can help extend the life of your hair color: If you've recently dyed your hair, using dry shampoo can help extend the life of your color by reducing the number of times you need to wash your hair. Investing in a bottle of dry shampoo seems like a small price to pay when you spend $200+ on highlights.

It's a gem and a star -- and it has its place.

Next time your hair is in need of a wash -- but you don't have time -- try this instead:

Oil Treatment + slicked back ponytail. Gives you a reprieve from dry shampoo...but it's the real magic that will give you MEGA hair gains when you don't want to wash.

I also recommend dry shampoo at will help absorb oil while you are sleeping...which is the ultimate productivity hack. ;)

My fave dry shampoo -- obviously the all natural, propane and butane free, low alcohol option by Monat.  If you want a cheaper price, shoot me a message.

May all of your hair days be good hair days!


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