Towel Drying 101

On our journey to perfect hair...we ask: towel drying?  Blow Drying?  Air Drying?

What's the RIGHT WAY?

So...we are starting with step 1: TOWEL DRYING.

Absorbing water out of your hair with a towel after washing is an important step in your hair care routine for several reasons:

1. **Preventing Excessive Moisture:** Excess moisture in your hair can make it heavy, prone to breakage, and challenging to style. Removing some of this moisture helps maintain the right balance and prevents your hair from becoming overly waterlogged.

2. **Faster Drying:** Wet hair can take a long time to air dry, especially if you have long or thick hair. As we know...wet hair breaks most towel drying can be critical to preventing damage. Towel drying speeds up the process, making it more convenient and reducing the risk of leaving your hair damp for an extended period, which can potentially lead to scalp issues and breakage.

3. **Reducing Frizz:** When hair cuticles are excessively swollen due to water absorption, they become rough and raised, leading to frizz. Gently blotting your hair with a towel helps minimize the swelling of cuticles, resulting in smoother, less frizzy hair.

4. **Preventing Breakage:** Rubbing your hair vigorously with a towel can cause friction and lead to hair breakage. Using a gentle patting or blotting motion with a towel is less damaging to your hair's structure.

5. **Easier Styling:** Hair that is not overly wet is easier to style. Excessive moisture can dilute styling products and make them less effective. Towel drying helps create an ideal canvas for applying styling products and achieving your desired look.

6. **Minimizing Heat Exposure:** If you plan to use heat styling tools like hair dryers, curling irons, or straighteners, it's essential to remove excess moisture before applying heat. Excessive heat on wet hair can cause damage and result in uneven drying.

Whether you are blow drying or air drying...towel drying your hair after washing is a crucial step to strike the right balance of moisture, reduce frizz, prevent breakage, and prepare your hair for styling. 

Be gentle while towel drying to avoid causing damage to your hair. Instead of vigorous rubbing, use a blotting or patting motion with a soft, absorbent towel to ensure your hair remains in the best possible condition.

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