Wash Every 5 Days: A schedule just for YOU

I love and hate wash day. It's a production because of all of the hair masks and "waiting" in the shower for the magic sauce to do its work... but I love the look of freshly washed hair.

I also....am short on time daily. I am sure you are, too.

I don't have time (even as a beauty brand owner) to style daily...and low maintenance is what I HAVE TO HAVE.

Your hair routine should deliver on good hair days, but mine also need to be:

  • low heat
  • low maintenance
  • low wash
  • low fuss

SO, if you don't have a low fuss schedule...here is mine!

Day 0 - Wash Day - scalp scrub, shampoo, mask, conditioner, bond repair. (every third wash, I do the WHOLE damage repair line, FYI) Air Dry 95% of the way. Blow dry brush.

Day 1 - Heat Protectant + curls - this is the day I will ACTUALLY use a curling iron, wand, or straightener. Dry shampoo at night so it works while you sleep.

Day 2 - Beachy waves - touch up the top layer of hair with a curling wand, or use a deep waver to cover up kinkles, wrinkles, or weirdness from sleeping.

Day 3 - Dry shampoo if needed in the morning - most of the times you don't need it since we are pulling hair BACK. claw clip or sleek ponytail (silk scrunchies, ladies). Hopefully I will be able to source those right here at 5 birds for you!!  Add some Mousse if I want it to look fancier - or use the slick back pony when doing a hair growth cocktail:  overnight oil treatment.

BAM, a low maintenance, high results hair wash routine that won't have you feeling like you have to style all of the time.

Save time. Keep it simple.

Make sure to tag me on social if you are using this routine. @5birdsbeautyas we get our IG up and running!  

Cheers to MORE good hair days!!

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