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Nine Row Styling Brush

Nine Row Styling Brush

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The Nine Row brush is a multipurpose hair brush perfect for styling. Defining Curls, Detangling, Styling and Blow Drying all in one.

She's luxurious, sturdy, and designed for all hair types -- short, medium, and long -- straight, wavy, or curly--with 9 rows of staggered pins for maximum tension as it styles.

  • Detangling: 9 rows of evenly spaced bristles gently and effectively detangle hair, whether it's wet or dry. This makes it easier to work through knots and snarls without causing excessive damage or breakage.
  • Product Distribution: 9 row brushes are the choice for wet hair comb through after adding blow out creams, leave in conditioners, gels, or styling products.  They ensure that products are evenly distributed for the perfect style.
  • Blowouts: the 9 row brush is a hairstylist favorite for its ability to create smooth and polished hairstyles. The bristles help distribute hair products evenly, allowing for better control and shaping during blow-drying or styling.
  • Curl Definition: For individuals with curly or wavy hair, the 9 row is used to define and clump curls, enhancing the natural texture and reducing frizz.
  • Volumizing: for curly or straight hair, using a 9 row at the root helps lift hair to add volume and texture from the base of the scalp.

Our Nine Row brush is made with a luxe ergonomic bamboo handle, heavy duty rubber base, and nylon pins.  She's easy to clean and made for the long haul as a hair care staple for your styling routine.


brush: bamboo paddle + boar bristle & plastic bristles

massager: silicon tips + plastic body

comb + west brush: plastic composite

accessories: 19 momme pure silk

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