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I Want It All Collection

I Want It All Collection

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Every hair tool you will ever need.  This hair collection is made for you to have the right brush when you need it and get hair that turns heads.

If you are the person who wants the best hair possible, is serious about hair care, and wants to implement easy healthy hair habits... this collection is designed for you to handle your hair needs completely.

  • Wet Hair Brush - detangle and prevent mechanical breakage
  • Wide Tooth Comb - use to detangle in the shower and to comb through curls
  • Scalp Massager - use for scalp care and to stimulate hair growth 
  • Boar Bristle Hybrid Brush - for daily hair use to distribute hair oils naturally from scalp to ends reducing frizz, dryness, and breakage. Comes the original and most popular paddle shape.
  • Nine Row Styling Brush - for even product distribution, straight hair volumizing or curl formation for curly girls


Are you serious about getting better hair?  Are you invested in salon quality, high end products? This set is what will level up your hair transformation to get the best hair of your life.


brush: bamboo paddle + boar bristle & plastic bristles

massager: silicon tips + plastic body

comb + west brush: plastic composite

accessories: 19 momme pure silk

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