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Towel Scrunchie

Towel Scrunchie

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Your favorite microfiber towel...meets an oversized scrunchie.

Our Towel Scrunchie is better than traditional materials like wool or cotton for wet hair.  We SHUDDER to think that you might put your wet hair into a bun or  -- god forbid a ponytail -- with a regular elastic.

Wet Hair is the most fragile, so this towel scrunchie just makes sense to reduce dry time, absorb water and fight frizz.  They are mini hair towels, absorbing water with efficiency and limiting heat exposure, ensuring a quick and damage-free drying experience. 

These are the perfect solution for the beach, pool, or post-shower.  They're oversized and designed to dry hair faster, reducing frizz, breakage, and damage. Because your hair will dry faster, you'll also be able to reduce HEAT based drying time as well. 

The Scrunchie works for all hair types – thick, thin, curly, or straight. Secure wet hair without the worry of slippage, ripping, or breakage, making these towel scrunchies an essential addition to your hair care routine. 

Machine Washable and designed for healthier hair.

These are dupes of a popular big you can feel good about shopping small while still getting an amazing quality product, too.  WIN - WIN.


brush: bamboo paddle + boar bristle & plastic bristles

massager: silicon tips + plastic body

comb + west brush: plastic composite

accessories: 19 momme pure silk

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