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The No Rip Hair Clip - Set of Two

The No Rip Hair Clip - Set of Two

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Ditch the tight pony tail and be gentle with your mane If you're tired of getting your hair caught in your clip, this one is for you.

It's versatile, lightweight, and strong enough to hold thick heavy hair, while laying flat...and respects your hair without pulling at your scalp, tugging, or ripping.

If you are focused on healthy hair habits and growth, this is the only clip you will ever need.

Use it for:

  • sectioning wet hair during blow drying
  • sectioning dry hair during curling or styling
  • holding hair in a loose bun or protective hairstyle while sleeping
  • half up / half down hair styles that keep hair out of your face without pulling
  • loose updos, buns, and twists, as an alternative to tight pony tails


brush: bamboo paddle + boar bristle & plastic bristles

massager: silicon tips + plastic body

comb + west brush: plastic composite

accessories: 19 momme pure silk

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